Monday, November 12, 2012

What's Shakin' Bacon?

I’m kinda obsessed with rhyming phrases right now like – what’s the story, morning glory?  What’s the tale, nightingale?  Scat dang cat!  Chin up, buttercup.  Mostly, it’s the just the cats enjoying my witty wordplay but they don’t show much appreciation for it.  Damn cats. 

Anyway, I originally intended Yellow Fever to have “Chin Up, Buttercup,” in white letters against the yellow paint but it really didn’t pop and too much yellow paint ran into the letters to make it look anything remotely pretty-like.  So, that's when I painted over the whole thing. 
I adjusted course and switched things up a little.  And since it’s going to be hanging in my bathroom now, I changed the rhyme!

Yeah, it's not a Picasso but it's proof that I'm trying!
See, this just proves that mistakes are the foundation for something better.  Or for bathroom art.

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