Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's Behind Curtain #3?

I’m loving this new trend of using anything but curtains for curtains.  Shower curtains (which are technically curtains, I guess), tablecloths, burlap, bed sheets, oversize college sweatshirts – you name it, someone is slapping it up to cover a window.  I recently got in on the trend too.  I’m bored with some of the décor in my house so I’m making small changes here and there.  One of those changes was in my library/office/room I’m still figuring out what to do with.  I had striped curtains hanging for a while but I decided to switch it up a little.  The curtains that I really liked were actually shower curtains – not the icky, vinyl shower curtains of my youth that attacked me every time I took a shower, mind you, but the fancy quality  fabric shower curtains from Target.

There were a couple of issues with using shower curtains as window curtains.  First, the curtain rod didn’t fit through the holes.  I solved this problem by cutting strips of ribbon and attaching them to the curtain rod.  The second issue was the length.  Shower curtains are 72 inches and longer than curtains but shorter than drapes.  So, these are a little shorter than I’d like...but my desk is strategically placed in front of the window so it’s not too noticeable. 
The curtain rod isn't lopsided.
It's just the room. 
My next home décor project – replacing my shower curtain with a shower curtain. 

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  1. If the length ever does bother you, buy some fabric in the blue color and I'll add it to the bottom for you. But they look great in the photo!