Saturday, November 3, 2012

Can I Buy a Vowel, Please?

I don’t like arts and crafts.  I’m not a crafter.  I’m not crafty.   It’s probably why I sucked at being a Girl Scout, well, that and the fact that I didn’t like camping, selling cookies, wearing sashes or vests, or singing friendship songs.  I did like earning merit badges though…

Anyhoo, I’m not into crafts.
But a few weeks ago, I had an absolutely horrible, rotten day at work.  I was really angry and it just gnawed at me all day.  That night though, I was going to a Pinterest party.  What’s a Pinterest party?  Well, this particular party had food as the theme – make a dish from a recipe that you found on Pinterest.  You can also do a craft-version.  Back to the party that I was going to – I came home from work, still madder than a hatter, and had to make my dish.  A funny thing happened as I prepared my spicy chicken wings – I wasn’t thinking about work.  At all.  

So, I decided then and there that I needed to find a constructive activity that I could focus on when I came home from work.  Because quite frankly, I’m sick of bringing my work home with me.  So, I needed a project.  Then I looked around at my house and was like – oh yeah, THIS is my project!  And I’m building equity!  (I actually don’t know what that means but people tend to say that when they find out you own your house…oh, you’re building equity!  I smile and say, why, yes!  I love building equity!)
To that end, I’ve been doing a couple of DIY projects that you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks.  I keep referring to them as “DIY” and “art” because you know…I am NOT a crafter.   
But...I discovered Modge Podge.  Modge Podge is the gateway drug to crafts.  It’s to a crafter what Elmer’s Glue is to a kindergartener.  You just can’t get enough!  It’s a sealer, glue, and finisher all in one, folks!  I’ve got a few projects lined up that make use of Modge Podge and canvases but my first projects have involved letters. 

Letter or Word Art is all over the place – or at least, it's on Pinterest and if not you're not pinning, you're just not with it – these days.  Letters are hot stuff!  Everyone wants their initials in big wooden letters hanging on their wall or they want an alphabet collage as wall art.  I’m into the craze too!  I almost ordered the letters “EAT” from Pottery Barn for $49, not including shipping and handling.  And then I thought…wait, a second.  I can make it myself!  Only problem…I painted them in the wrong order so now I have “ATE”.  That’s what happens when you try to save a few bucks. 

Seven years ago, when I moved into my apartment, my mom – always a trendsetter – actually gave me letters that she painted for me that spelled “BOOK NOOK”.  They were for the book nook in my bedroom.  I don’t have a book nook in my house (‘cause I have a whole entire LIBRARY!) but I wanted to do something with the letters  because throwing away good letters is just wrong.  So, I bought a second “B” and I made two “BOO”s for myself and a friend.  Just take some scrapbook paper and a few coats of Modge Podge and viola!  Halloween decorations!

During my hurricane hiatus, I did the same craft for the word “JOY.”  Instant Christmas decoration!  I did learn something important on this go round though – always erase your pencil tracings BEFORE you Modge Podge!  I might do the “Y” over again.  The actual paper is sparkly but after I put a coat of Modge Podge on, it dulled the sparkle.  And a “Y” that does not sparkle just will not do! 

So, there you have it…my letter craft art.  The only problem?  I can only do three-letter words. 


  1. I have sparkly spray paint to fix the y!

  2. Modge Podge is AWESOME!! I used it on the art piece I created for an exhibit while interning at the Norton Museum of Art. Hmmm, maybe I should turn yellow room into the "art" room . . . And, I think you are officially a crafter now.