Sunday, November 20, 2011


In military records, there’s something called Operational Reports – Lessons Learned or ORLLs (pronounced orals).  Fun to say, right?  Basically, they’re what they say they are – reports of lessons learned from military  operations.  Last night wasn’t exactly a military operation but I definitely took away some important ORLLs that I’ll keep in mind for my next soiree: 
1.       One turkey is actually enough for 17 people, especially when you have a couple vegetarians in the mix.  No one actually eats a pound of turkey like the magazines say.  Making two turkeys just means more stress and more…turkey.  Who needs that?
2.      It doesn’t matter how small it is, people will hang out in the kitchen.  The only solution I can come up with is to buy a house with a bigger kitchen.  Yea!  More room for more people!
3.      Set your bar area up away from the kitchen.  This helps alleviate some of the kitchen crowding and also allows you to live out one of your teenage dreams.  Also, come up with a kick-ass name for your bar.  My bar was called “Turkey Landing Bar” because…it was on the landing of my stairs and there was a turkey on display.  It’s no nightclub in Sydney, Australia but it was the most rocking bar in the neighborhood. 
4.      Wine gets better with age.  Except if it’s been open.  So, the year-old opened wine that I set out…um, no good.  I’m sorry to anyone who drank it and/or got sick.  Whoops.
5.      People supplying their own alcohol is the best idea EVER.  Everyone brings what they like and, yeah, okay, my wallet says thank you. 
6.      The person who supplied 90 proof bourbon is the best guest EVER.  Yeah, yeah, it was for the cider.  I’m not a fan of apple cider.  I’m a huge fan of bourbon cider.  You know that gal is getting a return invite. 
7.      When you make a craft with feathers, you’ll find feathers everywhere for days on end.
8.      When pouring anything into another container, do it over the sink.  Actually, I should just not pour, period. 
9.      Some people do enjoy getting their inner Pilgrim on and will voluntarily wear Pilgrim hats.  But nobody likes to wear bonnets.  Not even the ladies. 
10.  Save all your receipts so you can return all the excess stuff you bought.  Or just save it for next year.

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