Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Eggsellent Evening

It’s 10:20 and I just got home so this is going to be a quick post – nothing substantive, basically a Facebook status update on steroids.  Gosh, it’s gonna be a long month!
My day in an eggshell – work, flu shot, chicken pot pie for lunch, rave reviews on a new dress that I wore, a margarita and dinner with TopChef before we went to a cooking class with Chef Egg, stuck in traffic on the way home. 
Did you really think I could write about an evening with a guy named Chef Egg without using egg puns?!  They’re just so (over) easy!  And they make me crack up.    
Chef Egg’s a very cool guy who teaches people how to cook while wearing a sparkly baseball cap (or is a baseball hat?  What’s the difference?  My coworker and I actually engaged in a debate about this the other day!)  Anyway, Chef Egg is very skilled, funny, and pocket-sized cute.  He made ginger chicken, some kind of salsa, and rice with beans in it.  It was good – although I picked out the beans.  Surprisingly, there were actually no eggs cooked tonight!  I’m going to write more about him after I check out his website and try out some of his tips for a little dinner party I’m throwing this month.
Now, I’m going to have a small piece of chocolate cake before I go to bed!       
Post 3 posted with an hour and a half to spare!  Whew! 

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