Friday, November 18, 2011

Choose Civility

A few years ago, the county that I live in, the oh so cool HoCo, came up with a slogan – “Choose Civility.”  Figuring that they could probably make money capitalize on this crazy new concept, they made a bunch of bumper stickers and people slapped them on their cars by the dozens.  Now when you drive down the road, you’re inevitably reminded to “Choose Civility” by the guy driving the huge SUV two car lengths ahead of you.  Lucky for me the bumper stickers are magnetic – I’m don’t believe in putting stickers on my car – so my “Choose Civility” bumper sticker is where all good magnetic bumper stickers should go – the fridge.  Yeah, I live in HoCo and I’m choosing civility every day.  Go me. 
I’m a pretty affable person (I mean, that’s just my humble opinion).  I can count the number of people that I truly dislike – like, seriously do not like – on one hand.  Let’s be honest, we all have them in our lives.  But there are a hell of a lot of people who rub me the wrong way.  And mainly it’s because they’re just rude or don’t practice the simple act of civility. 
 “Choose Civility” is catchy and all but when did civility become a choice?  I mean, isn’t that just something that we should all strive for?  I mean, how hard is it to be – not nice – but respectful of one another? 
I know the economy sucks, the 99% don’t like the 1%, and Demi and Ashton are divorcing but seriously people, let’s not rely on a bumper sticker slogan to remind us that we need to be civil to each other.

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