Monday, April 4, 2011

Roo and 'shrooms

I have a little extra bounce in me today and it's not because I'm off too one of my favorite places on Earth. Nope, it's 'cause, after a few weeks absence, Food Friday is back!  And as usual, a few days late!  Just so you know, I've tried a few more things when I haven't been planning surprise parties, turning 32, deciding to turn left, or going to Phillies Spring Training. Let's see, I've tried flaunta (sp?), an artichoke, and a bit of apple strudel; nothing too exciting to write about but at least you know I'm still trying new things!

On Saturday night, I was invited to a surprise dinner for my cousin's 40th birthday at Villa Barolo where Chef Lo works. I didn't meet the chef, but his name was all over the menu! The fun started the bar where I ordered a Malibu Bay Breeze (this was coming off my single Margarita night on Friday night so I was feeling daring!)  Appetizer preferences in my family tend to run towards hot wings and mozzarella sticks, so when the wild boar sausage and nookie came out, it was a little different to say the least! I haven't exactly been a fan of wild boars ever since the kid in The Thorn Birds was killed by one.  (Don't even get get me started on Catholic priests!)  But, I figured what the heck?  And down it went. It was actually okay. The nookie on the other hand! (I realize that's probably spelled wrong so feel free to correct me!)  Other appetizers included clams, mussels, and oysters...all raw. And all were disgusting. This was the only time that I was worried that I might possibly projectile vomit all over the cousins sitting across from me...although they're both moms so they're probably used to that kind of thing.

With the lingering taste of clam in my throat, I forged on. While the rest of my family tried exciting dishes like chicken, fish, and pasta, I was feeling game for a little game meat! There were several options to choose from, including ostrich ("tastes like chicken!")  Having just watched Oprah Down Under, I decided to go for a taste of the Outback, roasted tenderloin of kangaroo with portabello mushrooms served over mashed sweet potatoes. If you know me well, you know that the freaky part of this dish for me was actually the mushrooms! I tried, I really did try, to choke down a bite of mushroom but I just couldn't do it. Mushrooms are icky. The kangaroo was a different story. You're supposed to order the meat the same way you order a steak, so I got it cooked medium. It was served in a wine sauce and it tasted rather sweet although it was kind of chewy (good exercise for the jaw!)  Except for the tiny piece that I gave my brother, I ate the whole thing and I gotta tell you, it was really good!

Before any of you write me nasty messages asking me how I could eat a poor, innocent kangaroo, get over it.  It's not like I ate a koala bear.

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  1. That's so awesome! I've never had kangaroo. I'm impressed!!
    But I'm more impressed about the mushrooms.