Monday, April 18, 2011

Goonies Never Say Die!

If you grew up during the ‘80s, chances are you saw some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces ever made – The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ghost Busters, Back to the Future, and my two favorites, Top Gun (best soundtrack ever!) and The Goonies. 
If you’ve never seen The Goonies, you’ve been sorely deprived.  Here’s a quick summary – a group of friends hunt for the treasure of the pirate One-Eyed Willy in order to save their neighborhood (the goon docks) from being torn down by developers.  The film was set and filmed in Astoria, Oregon (as was that other thrilling movie, Kindergarten Cop).   My mom and I stopped in Astoria and nearby Cannon Beach on our travels through the North Coast.  We didn’t run into Mikey, Sloth, or Mouth…but I did eat a Goonies burger!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!
The Astoria Column.  You have to
climb 164 steps to get to the top!

Some of the 164 steps in the
Astoria Column.  They keep going...
The Astoria-Megler Bridge as seen from the Astoria Column.
This bridge is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.
The city of Astoria as seen from the top of the Column.
Mom!  I see you!  Can you see me?!
Along the [goon?] docks.
Deep in Ecola State Park.
Haystack Rock in the distance. 
Taken from Ecola State Park.
Haystack Rock from Cannon Beach.

You can never have too many pictures of rocks.

My mom and I at a scenic overlook.

Oregon:  The Land of Trees

Overlooking a town (Manzanita?) from a bluff.

Does anyone else think this sign is funny?


  1. Very cool! I am glad you ladies had a good time!

  2. Yes, I thought the sign was funny and so did your cousin Jim and your Uncle Bill. I'm sure we were in Astoria on our cruise up the coast from San Diego to Vancouver. I remember the column, but was not able to climb up the steps. Great blog entry. Good Luck with your new job. I think your ready!! Hugs, Aunt Helen