Friday, April 8, 2011

On Leave

When you work for the government, you don't get vacation days, you accumulate or "earn" annual's like earning gold stars but better!  So, when you're taking vacation, you're really taking leave.  Checking my leave balance is one of my favorite things to do when I check my electronic pay stub.  I'm on leave right now...vacationing in the Pacific Northwest before I attend the third annual CatchCon in Seattle tomorrow (yes, a post is forthcoming!). Unfortunately, my peaceful, relaxing leave-taking is being threatened because there is a chance that at midnight, the entire government will go on leave.  Government Shut Down.  Furloughed federal workers.  No work until the politicians come to an agreement about a budget.

Please don't think I'm an idiot but I haven't exactly been paying attention to all of this...actually, I wasn't paying attention the last two times this shut down showdown came down to the wire.  I'm not a huge news watcher and the only newspaper I receive is the free one that is delivered in my neighborhood.  I have a general understanding of what's going on...everything else, I usually ask Deputy Pepper.  But he's on leave right now too.  I really wasn't worried until I began to read Facebook posts from some of my other friends/coworkers/
fellow Federal workers implying that this time the shut down may really happen.  My agency has already sent out a notice about what to do in the event of a shut down (there's even a part about what happens when you're on leave!)

During a government shut down, only essential personnel report to work.  I am most definitely not essential personnel.  But it's not like I can take more leave because once the government reopens for business, we have to report back to work...whether that's this Monday or five Thursdays from now, unless I use more of my leave.  But I won't be earning leave because we'll be shut down.
In any event, I'm going to enjoy this last bit of my leave and keep my fingers crossed that the government doesn't shut down because I kinda love working...when I'm not on leave.

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