Friday, April 22, 2011

On the Feel Good Side of Leaving

I love reading my horoscope but ever since they downgraded Pluto’s planetary status, Jupiter moved into retrograde, and they redid the astrological star chart, I can’t figure out what my sign is so I just read all of them and pick the one that sounds best.  Given all that, maybe I should just stick with Chinese fortune cookies.
A couple of years ago, after finishing one of my first major projects at work, I kept mulling over what I could’ve or should’ve done better or differently.  I happened to order some Chinese food one night and this is the fortune I got in my cookie:
I’ve had it hanging up in my cubicle ever since to remind me that I can learn something new every day and use those experiences to encourage me to do better or become a better whatever (but not a better bed wetter!) 
Today was my last day at my (old) job.  The past couple of weeks have been a little crazy and a little bittersweet but tonight, in the words of Hootie’s gone-country Darius Rucker, I’m on the feel good side of leaving (and I swear it has nothing to do with the margarita!)  I start my new job on Monday.   
When I wrote my post about accepting my new position, my mom told me that she was a little concerned because I ended it with “I think I’m ready.”  She said it didn’t sound like I was sure of my decision.  It sounded fine to me but when you start blogging about your life, your mom apparently gets to give you editorial feedback.  So, Mom and everyone else…while I’m a little sad, a lot excited, and somewhat nervous, I’m most definitely ready.  And the Chinese fortune cookie gods must think so too.  A few nights after accepting my job offer, I got this fortune:
Yeah, I think so too.  But the GPS is in the car just in case! 

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