Monday, April 25, 2011

Say Cheese!

Sometimes vacation plans change.  They change because of bad weather or flight delays or lost luggage.  Or because of an omelette.  What eggs-actly am I talking about?  (I know, I know…roll your eyes but know that I was hysterically giggling when I wrote the previous line!)  See, an omelette changed the course of the Oregon road trip that my mom and I took earlier this month.  Our original plan was to leave Cannon Beach and drive to Portland so I could go to Powell’s Books.  But before we left the coast, we stopped at the Lazy Susan Cafe for breakfast.  We both ordered omelettes – my mom got a cheese and mushroom omelette and I got just cheese.  Those omelettes were to die for.  When I read the menu, I noted that they were made with Tillamook cheese.  I knew from one of my trusty travel brochures that Tillamook was just down the road and it was home to a cheese factory…okay, honestly, I was really interested in the ice cream operations!  Anyway, those omelettes were enough to change our plans so Portland and books were out and Tillamook and dairy products were in!

Check out some of the pictures of the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  But keep this Tillamook travel tip in mind - check out the cheese bar before you eat the ice cream!  Your tummy will thank you!

Cute cafe on Cannon Beach's main street.
Cozy with a friendly staff...and delicious omelettes!

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Ladies at work on the cheese line

Please slice it thin!

The ice cream makin' room

The best $7.50 lunch I've had in a long time!
(Mine's the one without the whipped cream...ick!)

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