Sunday, May 1, 2011

Somethings New

Who else got their Royal Geek on this past Friday and watched the royal nuptials?!  I caught about an hour of it in real time and then watched two repeats (thank God for Maryland Public television…now just start airing East Enders and I’ll be a happy gal!)  I thought it was all quite lovely and elegant.  I heard the bride’s “something new” were the earrings her parents gave her; they certainly looked nice.  I got a few somethings new this week too!
The New Job
While Kate Middleton ended her week as the new Duchess of Cambridge, I began my week as the new girl in the office.  I have to say, the transition has been quite smooth.  Everyone has been very welcoming, nice, and helpful. The only frustrating part was when my wall hangings kept falling down (I stopped counting when the tally reached 9).  Even that, however, was a short-lived frustration because after I vented on Facebook, clips were kindly delivered to my cubicle the next morning.  Ahh, the power of social media.  My cubicle is smaller than my old one (which is just punishment for all the whining I did last year!) and while I don’t have my own window, I can see the outside…so now I’ll be able to monitor the weather!  I got compliments on two different pairs of shoes and I haven’t even broken out my fashion sneakers or my Crocs yet!  I only forgot twice that my office is on the third floor but lucky for me I was able to jump right back on the elevator without anyone noticing.  My pal Trix and I discovered that it’s not hard at all to meet in the middle to go out to lunch…although we practiced for three days in a row just to make sure we got it right.  Oh, and I’m getting a hang of the actual work too!  By the end of the week, I didn’t feel like the new girl at all!
The New Running Shoes
I had a great runwalk session on Thursday night but I was still wearing my old Nike shoes that weren’t appropriate for 5K training.  Yesterday, I went to Feet First, a running store that sells…running stuff.  They had me stand on a mat while a computer figured out what kind of shoes would be best for me.  In case you’re interested, I have really great arches.  If you wanna see them some time, just ask.  I didn’t just try three pairs of shoes on…I tried them out.  I was allowed to walk and run around the store and then walk and run around outside the store (apparently, this is a sign of an excellent running store).  Ultimately, I chose the Brooks and I can’t wait to start putting some miles (or yards) on them!
The New Patio Set
On Friday night, I went to Home Depot and ordered my new patio set which is supposed to be delivered sometime today.  I can’t wait to set it up and, hopefully, start a new routine of sipping, depending on my mood, margaritas or chocolate milk while I sit on my deck on summer evenings.   
That’s a lot of somethings new, isn’t it?  And look, it’s already time to start a new week!

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