Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cutting Slices of Life

Some random slices of my life from the past week:

Skirting the Issue
On Thursday, I wore a skirt to work.  Why is this significant?  Well, I don’t generally wear skirts or dresses.  In my old position, wearing a skirt wasn’t very practical.  I did a lot of running about and climbing up ladders.  Quite frankly, when you’re up on a ladder, the last thing you want to be wearing is a skirt.  Just in case, if you know what I’m saying.   In my new position, there aren’t too many opportunities to climb up ladders so skirts and fun summery dresses are a definite fashion possibility now.  Thursday was very hot so I figured what the heck?  So, instead of my usual pants, I dug out my H&M khaki skirt that was rolled up in the back of my closet.  It had the potential to look cute yet professionally appropriate or I could’ve looked like I was wearing a potato sack.  I think I ended up somewhere in between…it was a couple inches too long to be really cute so I kinda looked like a nun, but not a habit-wearing nun – more like one of those progressive nuns who wears khaki skirts while she’s out serving the faithful.  Probably the most traumatic thing about wearing a skirt was exposing my freakishly pasty white legs to people; oh, and remembering to cross my legs like a lady.  Overall, I felt very professional in my khaki skirt and I think I’ll try it again in the near future.  To paraphrase Katy Perry, I wore a skirt and I liked it.    
The Proof(reading) is in the Puding
In my new position, I’m responsible for ensuring that every archival description submitted for inclusion in our catalog meets all the standards established by the Establishers of Standards for Those Sorts of Things.  I’m like a proofreader on steroids.  Unfortunately, my job is seeping into my personal life.  Now I’m proofing every single thing that I read!  At Tuesday’s HOA meeting, I took one glance at the agenda and shuttered in horror.  One of the most glaring errors – police officers were going to discuss “police presents in the community.”  Grrr.  Today, I was driving down my town’s Main Street and I spotted the banner that hangs proudly across the street advertising the Farmer’s Market on Thursday’s.  Arrrrgh.  Now, I’m not perfect, there are probably typos and errors in my blog (and if there are, my mom will let me know).  In fact, my last Facebook status was a question but I didn’t end it with the proper punctuation.  So, it happens but, boy oh boy, does it drive me crazy!  By the way, I deliberately spelled “pudding” wrong in the subtitle.  Just so you know that I proofread this before I posted it!
This week was marked by endings.  Oprah’s of course on Wednesday.  At work, the week began and ended with retirement parties for two extremely dedicated colleagues, both of whom are true class acts who are held in high regard by all who know them.  One of these gentlemen played a very significant role in my life because he hired me for my first job at the Archives. Who knows?  If it hadn’t been for him, I might be a children’s librarian somewhere!  Each served almost forty years at the Archives and both spoke of how much they enjoyed their work.  Oprah spoke of that too…the importance of finding something that sparks you, something that you love to do.  I’ve been pretty lucky…I found my spark.  If you haven’t yet, don’t worry, you will.  Oh, and I’m going on record right now to say that I want chocolate cake with chocolate icing at my retirement party in 35 years.    

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