Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Thirty-Two, So Nice to Meet You

Today at exactly 12:38 PM, I turn 32.  I actually spent quite a few months last year thinking I was already 32 (it’s not that I forgot how old I was, I am just really bad at math.)  That was pretty embarrassing and proved that once again, my mother was right about something.  But today’s the real deal.  I’m 32 years old.  

The sum total of me may be 32 but there are still parts of me that are decidedly not 32.  Not to go all Sybil on you but I’ve got a lot of different people in me - the seven year old girl who kinda sorta wishes she could have a Barbie play-date with TopChef’s daughters; the obnoxious 11 year old boy who finds potty humor hilarious (seriously, I cannot drive past the Port Deposit sign on I-95 without cracking up); the shy 15 year old nervously awaiting her first date; and the 76 year old who needs a daily nap and thinks early-bird specials are a diner’s dream.  Because of them, I don’t take life too seriously but I'm serious when I need to be; I climb up shelves and stand on carts at work but never in open-toed, backless shoes; and I’m always up for fun adventures as long as laws (or lunch hours) don’t get broken.  Each part makes up 32 year old me and I’m glad they're in me. 

Last year, when I turned 31, StyleMaven told that my thirties were going to be great.  I didn't really believe her.  But that was when I was 31 and I’ve grown (up) a lot over the past year (well, not the 11 year old part - he’s still a handful).  So, what does 32 have in store for me?  I have no idea...but I’m excited to get to know this new part of me. 

My 2nd birthday...30 years later, I still enjoy a good piece of cake.

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