Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Likely Story

I really like it when I’m liked.  When I’m not liked, it’s like, totally not cool.  And I worry about it.  A lot.  Like, what don’t they like about me?  I like them…how come they don’t like me?  It’s, like, kinda pathetic, right?
I have always equated being liked with fitting in.  If people liked me, I fit in.  And that’s all I ever really wanted to do.  So, I did (and let’s be honest, still do) whatever it takes to fit in and be liked.  I’m congenial and agreeable and I don’t (usually) rock the boat.  And if you want to go to that restaurant that I don’t really like, I’ll go because you like it.  Just as long as you like me afterwards.   
The fact of the matter is…there are people who don’t like me.  And guess what?  There are people whom I don’t like.  And there are people who I like whom I don’t always like.  And there are people who like me but who don’t always like me.  And that’s okay.  Being liked has nothing to do with fitting in.  It’s just about being liked for who you are.  The people whom I like best are the people who like me just 'cause they like me and I especially like the people who still like me even when I’m not exactly the most likeable person on the planet.  I like that.  And that’s, like, totally cool.   

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