Monday, January 24, 2011

Nancy Was Wrong.

These boots were not made for walking.  These boots were made to torture me.  In fact, I’m thinking of pressing attempted murder charges against them.  I don’t have a problem with most boots…just ones with two and half inch heels.
When it comes to shoes, I tend to lean towards the practical, comfortable styles.  Flat, rubber soles are best.  My shoes of choice are generally sneakers.  And a few months ago, I discovered the wonders that are known as Crocs.  I’m pretty sure when Belinda Carlisle sang “Heaven Is A Place on Earth,” she was wearing a pair of Crocs. 
I do a lot of walking, climbing, and standing on desks during my daily routine so I require a really comfortable shoe to get me through the day.  But then there are the days I get really stupid ideas…such as - let’s wear the boots with the super high heels because I need a picture for my Eharmony profile that makes me appear super tall (I never said that I was honest in my profile!)  So, there I was wearing my boots, looking tall, and having an absolutely miserable day.  I’m pretty sure I tore a tendon in my knee.      
My friend StyleMaven told me that you have to suffer for beauty but she doesn’t seem like she’s suffering when she’s wearing her four inch heels.  In fact, she makes it look pretty darn easy.  Maybe wearing heels takes lots of practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  Then again, maybe some girls are just meant to rock their Crocs.     

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  1. Denise, those boots are not meant to be worn all day, on cement and concrete floors--so don't feel bad. If you sat all day you could get away with wearing them to work. However, you can do a LOT better than crocks!!!