Friday, January 14, 2011

Food Friday!

This will be the first in a weekly series detailing the new foods I’m trying every week!
You know when your friends want to go somewhere for lunch and there’s that one person in the group who wrinkles up his or her nose and says, “I don’t wanna go there…I don’t like that”?  In my group, I am that girl.  But since I have to try one new food a week, I’ve gotta go places and eat things that I have always vetoed. 
And that’s how I found myself at Chipotle with Deputy Pepper, TopChef, and Caesar Rodney.  I’ve always said I don’t like Mexican food…mainly because I don’t like beans and I don’t like bread very much.  (Margaritas are a different story though!)  TopChef assured me that I could get something that didn’t come in a taco, tortilla, or burrito and that I could skip the beans.  Sure enough, after standing in a long line that moved surprisingly fast, I ordered a bowl with carnitas (pork), rice, medium salsa, and shredded cheese.  The salsa was a like a party in my mouth and the whole meal was quite tasty.  I’m a fan!
Now, when my friends want to go to Chipotle, I’m not gonna wrinkle up my nose and say no way!  In fact, next time, I might even get the guacamole! 
(Photo credit goes to TopChef!  Look for Deputy Pepper's video on YouTube!)

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  1. I like Mexican food, but I held out on Chipotle for a long time too because...I can't stand chipotle. And how can a restaurant be good when it's named after something so yucky? I finally tried it when I was in the USA last summer though and I agree, it was good! I'm glad your food adventure was a success!