Sunday, January 23, 2011

Food Friday (better late than never!)

You say kebab.  I say kebab…and where’s the stick?  I thought kebabs were supposed to come on sticks?!  Apparently not.  But let’s go back in time…to Friday, or more precisely Food Friday.  (btw, this post should have been up on Friday night but I had a hot date with ABC’s Super Nanny.) 
It was one of those Fridays that I actually didn’t want to go out for lunch, which is actually a rarity for me.  I had my favorite frozen Chinese food in a box waiting for me in the work freezer that I was planning to scarf down before I skipped out of work early.  But before I knew it the lunch bunch was packed into Lugnut’s car (Caesar Rodney got the heated seat) on the way to a local eating establishment called The Jungle Grill.  As it happened, there was a sign on the door that said they were closed and would reopen in mid-January (last I checked January 21 was well after mid-January!)  Now, we had to scramble – where to go?    
We settled on the kebab place next door to The Jungle Grill.  It was a little sketchy on the inside but the place was packed with customers – so it couldn’t be that bad, right?  And it wasn’t!  Being new to the establishment, we didn’t realize the buffet was the way to go so we all ordered off the menu.  I ordered the bihari kebab…to my disappointment it didn’t come on a stick.  To me, there’s nothing more fun than food on a stick! 

The lunch platter also came with naan, an oven baked flatbread.  Remember my aversion to bread?  I have to say, the naan was my favorite part of my meal!  I really liked it!  (And now I will prepare myself for the possibility of my friends forcing me to eat bread-like items from now on!)  The kebab itself was a little too spicy for me but I managed to eat most of it - Deputy Pepper finished it off for me.  I also tried some of TopChef’s chickpeas which weren’t bad…a little crunchy but something I could see myself ordering on my own next time.  Overall, it was really good and definitely has been added to our lunch roster…next time we’re splurging for the $8.99 buffet!
And now I’m one step closer to falafel! 

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