Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year in Review

Sure, there were those seven goals that I tried to accomplish this year but there was so much other stuff that happened in 2011.  Some of it was a little crazy, some of it was a lot unexpected but it all made for a very interesting year of life.
In 2011, I…
1.      Greeted the New Year watching fireworks atop a rooftop deck.
2.      Started a blog.
3.      Started – and actually completed – a scrapbook.
4.      Co-planned and co-hosted an awesome surprise party.
5.      Went to Spring Training.
6.      Celebrated my birthday with friends and a lot of elderly people.  
7.      Stood on a beach in Florida.
8.      Stood on a beach in Delaware.
9.      Stood on a beach in California.
10.  Swam in the Atlantic Ocean.
11.  Dipped my toes in the Pacific (maybe?) Ocean.
12.  Watched dolphins swim in the ocean.
13.  Went on a sail-boat (kinda).
14.  Went on a water-taxi.
15.  Flew to the West Coast twice.  And came back both times.
16.  Waited in an airport because of flight delays. 
17.  Drove up – and down – a mountain. 
18.  Got to ride on one of those airport tram cars.
19.  Walked in the rain.
20.  Saw Haystack Rock, up close and personal.
21.  Climbed 164 steps to the top of the Astoria Column.
22.  Drove across the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.
23.  Went to a cheese factory.
24.  Partied with friends at the third annual CatchCon.  And lived to tell the tale.
25.  Spent half an hour in Music City.
26.  Walked around the Gaslamp Quarter with one of my favorite cousins.
27.  Shared a hotel room with someone I didn’t know very well – and made a new friend.
28.  Danced the night away with a bunch of crazy bloggers. 
29.  Saw a flash-mob up close and personal.
30.  Ate at a Swedish smorgasbord.
31.  Rented a beach-house with friends.    
32.  Managed to actually light barbecue on a tiny grill – yea for teamwork! 
33.  Walked on two boardwalks in two different states.
34.  Drove past The Stone Pony.   
35.  Got the two most surprising phone calls of my life.
36.  Survived an earthquake.
37.  Survived a hurricane.
38.  Dog-sat for the cutest beagle you ever did see.
39.  Engaged in a bidding battle during a silent auction.
40.  Won the battle but lost the war and was outbid in the last five minutes.   
41.  Figured out that I’m a spring runner.
42.  Went to the doctor. 
43.  Made scrambled eggs for the first time.
44.  Adopted two cute kittens. 
45.  Took a job that I didn’t want only to find it was exactly what I needed.
46.  Went to a couple concerts in the local park. 
47.  Ate Oreos for breakfast.   
48.  Went to advance screenings for two movies. 
49.  Hurt a friend.
50.  Was hurt by a friend.
51.  Did more public speaking than I ever thought possible. 
52.  Taught training classes.
53.  Was a burr in people’s side – and helped get something accomplished despite annoying bureaucracy.    
54.  Donated to the Salvation Army.
55.  Helped assemble IKEA furniture. 
56.  Cooked in a Crock-Pot.
57.  Found out two good friends were pregnant.
58.  Received an award at work. 
59.  Cried a ridiculous amount.  Like all of April.
60.  Wore dresses in the spring and summer. 
61.  Wore leggings went it got colder.
62.  Ate outside on my new patio set.
63.  Spent lots of summer evenings lounging on my deck. 
64.  Went to my first HOA meeting. 
65.  Squeezed 17 people into my kitchen for the second annual Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.
66.  Celebrated St. Lawrence Day with my colleagues. 
67.  Watched a highway being built.
68.  Drove on that new highway when it was completed.
69.  Went on a date.    
70.  Went to a baseball game.
71.  Was unknowingly on TV (?) as I “watched” that baseball game. 
72.  Cat-sat for friends.
73.  Made sweet potato fries.  From actual sweet potatoes. 
74.  Bought an iPhone. 
75.  Discovered Pinterest.
76.  Lost – and replaced – three recycling containers.  The fourth one has been labeled!
77.  Came home to find that one of my kittens had taken a flight from two-stories up.  She’s fine.
78.  Completely cleaned my entire car out.  And it stayed clean for about two months.  Wow.
79.  Went out to lunch entirely too much.  Noodles, anyone?
80.  Laughed a lot. 
81.  Attended my first ever Rosh Hashanah dinner.   
82.  Got a lot of advice.  And I even followed some of it.
83.  Bought really expensive running shoes.
84.  Went pumpkin-picking.
85.  Went on a hayride.   
86.  Learned to waltz. 
87.  Saw the Presidential Christmas card before most people. 
88.  Explored Harper’s Ferry.
89.  Cleaned out my fridge. 
90.  Organized my closets. 
91.  Joined a credit union. 
92.  Got up early four Saturdays in a row to go running. 
93.  Dashed through sprinklers. 
94.  Decorated a Christmas tree.
95.  Ate ice cream for dinner.
96.  Went to a street fair.
97.  Watched fireworks on the Fourth of July. 
98.  Tripped up stairs and cursed a lot. 
99.  Started writing a novel.
100.  Looked in the mirror every morning and liked the face staring back at me.  
 What’s in store for 2012?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


  1. Sounds like an incredible year!

  2. My favorites? 27 (of course!) 80 & 100.
    Happy New Year!