Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Goal Post

If you're looking for some goals,
there's a few under my desk!

So, whatever happened to that whole 7 in ’11 thing?  You know, the seven goals that I wanted to accomplish this year that I posted on a dry erase board.  Forget the goals – what happened to that dry erase board?! 
In May, it fell off my cubicle wall (that’s a story in and of itself, involving a very recent widower and a very bad day when nothing seemed to be going right!)  Anyway, I don’t have much wall space in my cubicle and it was too much effort to get the required property pass permitting me to remove it from the building so it was relegated to the place where I relegate all of my miscellaneous crap like old files and various pairs of shoes – under my desk.  So, the dry erase board and the colorful goals were shoved in a dark corner.  And you know what they say – out of sight, out of mind. 
But compared to Men in Twenty-Ten, I actually think 7 in ’11 was fairly successful.  About those goals?  Well, here’s how they panned out:
1)   NASCAR Driving Experience – I didn’t end up doing this.  I did pretend to be a NASCAR driver on a new highway that they opened near me.   That, and the speeding tickets that I got throughout the year, fulfilled my need for speed.  I’m hoping my brother and I get to do this in 2012 because it would be cool.    
2)   Hot Air Balloon Ride – This started off as a really great plan – I even had tickets from a Groupon deal.  But whenever I called – a few times in the spring and later in the fall – I only got their voicemail and they never returned my messages so I kinda gave up.  And now the tickets are expired.  Maybe it wasn’t my time to go up in a balloon. 
3)   Try one new food a week – I wish I could tell you that I tried 52 brand new foods but I can’t.  Food Friday as an event fizzled out but I still tried to be open to trying new foods.  Sure, sometimes I still need to be reminded to just stick it in my mouth and chew – like a recent episode involving cashews – but I think I’ve gotten a lot better.  Now, I eat burritos, paninis, and tomatoes – basically anything ending in a vowel!  Well, except for tacos. 
4)   Regular doctor/dentist appointments and taking a vitamin once a day – I gotta check under my desk for that bottle of vitamins.  Whatever happened to them?!  I did go to the doctor, took a vitamin once, and looked up a dentist.  I have to get better about the whole health thing though.  Next year, next year. 
5)   Run a 5K – Wow.  This actually happened.  Not once but twice.  Okay, okay, I didn’t actually run the entire 5K (either time) but as one of my favorite quotes on Pinterest points out – I still lapped everyone on the couch.
6)   Slow dance to Eric Church’s “Love Your Love the Best” – I’m still waiting for my cowboy to slow dance with but I did dance with a hot salsa dancer in San Diego and then there was that whole awkward date thing at the dance school so I’m going to beg for mercy and ask that you consider this goal accomplished.    
7)   Go to a non-English speaking country – Darn, I totally missed my chance to cross the border when I was in San Diego!  I didn’t get to do any foreign travel this year – my fall turned out to be a bit busier than I expected so I wasn’t able to plan my European vacation.  But I got a great big suitcase for Christmas and I’m itching to check it and hop on a flight somewhere.  Just not Paris.  See, some things never change. 
So, I only accomplished three or four of the goals I set for myself.  I’m kind of disappointed but you know what?  I did a whole lot of other stuff this year that’s worth mentioning.  Tomorrow – all that stuff and more. 

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