Sunday, August 21, 2011

Potty Humor

As a single woman who lives by myself in my own home, there are certain things to which I’ve become accustomed. 
This is not one of them:
Do all men leave the toilet seat up?  I feel like I need to update my Eharmony Must Haves and Can’t Stands.  Like, right this minute.
My brother and cousin, C.P., (the toilet seat offenders) came down this weekend to watch the Phillies play the Nats in D.C.  They also did some work on my house which was most appreciated.  So despite the toilet seat thing, it was a fun weekend.  Not to mention, I got a cool new laundry sink and a fixed closet door out of the deal! 

A new laundry sink in the basement!

The fixed closet door!
But still, the toilet seat thing - Grrr!        

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!! Trevor does the SAME THING!!!! It drives me NUTS!! What is it with men and the freaking toilet seat??? Really, I don't know when Trevor picked this up. He didn't start doing it until about last year. What's ironic is that he replaced all of our toilets with self-closing seats--well, you have to give a little push, but for goodness sake that's all he has to do!!!! I HIGHLY recommend that you put this on your eHarmony profile.