Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food Friday, Figuratively Speaking

Since I’m such a procrastinator, I thought I’d give you two Food Fridays for the price of one…even though I didn’t eat either dish on a Friday and this post isn’t going up on a Friday.  Such a rule breaker, I am.
It Figures
Last Thursday, TopChef, Partner in Snoring Crimes, and I enjoyed an absolutely lovely day on Coronado Island across the bay from San Diego.  After taking a long leisurely walk through town during which we snapped pictures, enjoyed a sprinkler shower, and plotted our BlogHer schedules, we stopped at Candelas on the Bay, a restaurant that specializes in the “Mexico City” style of cuisine.  Considering my experience of Mexican restaurants is limited to Chi Chi’s and Chipotle, I can’t really tell you what the “Mexican City” style of cuisine means.  But, I was ready to give it a go.  And because I’m a mature 32 year old woman, I didn’t even look at the menu before we went in to to see if I would like anything.  I was gonna take a chance.
My big chance – Pollo al Chipotle.  Pollo is basically the only Spanish word that I know, even if I don’t pronounce it right.  So, yeah, I totally chickened out and ordered…the chicken.  Now, why didn’t I order the 101 other options that would’ve been new and different?  It boils down to practicality, really.  I knew that there was a very real chance that I wouldn’t get dinner – there was swag to collect that night – and a hungry Denise quickly turns into a hangry Denise.  I wanted to make sure that I ordered something that I knew I’d like and I'd actually eat, especially to ward off any possible mood swings. 

The presentation of the meal was exquisite.  Upscale restaurants really know how to plate their entrees!  The chicken, stuffed with mozzarella and spinach, was beautifully covered in a chipotle sauce and topped with some weird green stuff.  Being the mature 32 year old woman that I am, I quickly scraped the icky green stuff off the chicken and dug in.  And boy was that chicken delicious!  So juicy and tasty with a little kick paired perfectly with –
“You’re not going to eat your figs?”  That was TopChef from across the table. 
That’s what that green stuff was?  Figs?  Well, well, well.  Figs are edible?  And not just in Fig Newtons, which I must now admit, I’ve never eaten either.
Okay, okay, mature 32 year old woman who is trying new foods speared a fig onto her fork, put it in her mouth, and chewed.
“They’re sweet!” I exclaimed.
TopChef informed me with, I think, a bit of amusement that yes, indeed they were sweet.  Figs are fruit after all.  Yeah, I didn't know that either.     
Those figs were pretty darn delicious.  And totally undeserving of being pushed off to the side of the plate.  I needed that reminder - don't just push something to the side without trying it first because chances are, you're going to enjoy it.   

I ate the figs.  But I couldn't do the black beans.

It’s All Greek to Me
Today, my mom and I went to a little restaurant not far from where I live.  It’s called the Hickory Ridge Grill and was I thought a little place that you could get burgers and other general fare.  Boy was I wrong!  It serves Ameri-terranean cuisine; American food with a Mediterranean flaire, served with Greek hospitality.  While the food was great, I want to give major props to the wait staff…they were amazing and so nice.  When you experience great service at a restaurant, it makes the entire meal that much better.  I'll definitely be going back; the service alone warrants a return trip. 
I decided to order something that I couldn’t pronounce - pollo, just kidding!  I got the pastichio.  Basically, it’s Greek lasagna with pasta and ground beef topped with a béchamel sauce.  Not very adventurous, after all – heck, I’ve not only eaten lasagna, I’ve cooked it (shocking, I know)!  It was super yummy although not exactly new for me...but can I get a little credit for not ordering the burger?!

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