Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Megan Ashley

The week before last, my friend sent me a link to check out.  I’m going to paste it here – you can copy and paste it in your browser to read the article if you want or you can just read the link itself -

Wait…I’ll bold and enlarge the important part –

My pal knows I have a thing for dolls.  I mean, who wouldn’t?!  Dolls are awesome.  People with dolls are even more awesome.  I am a person with lots of dolls.  Therefore I am lots of awesome. 
If you read the whole article or still receive the American Girl catalog, you know about “Special Sparkle,” the page in the catalog that features special accessories for American Girl dolls including fashion boots (although, sadly, no fashion sneakers), sporty sunglasses, a wheelchair, an epi pen, and a hot pink hearing aid.

Well, I’ll be!  Special Sparkle me (and my dolls) from head to toe! 

A hearing aid for dolls?!  What a novel idea!

Well, um, not exactly. 

Let me tell you about Megan Ashley. 
I got Megan Ashley when I was seven years old.  She was a special order, special delivery just for me.  She wasn’t like the rest of my dolls – she had a cloth body, brown yarn hair, a pretty pink dress, leg braces, and gray hearing aids that were stuck to her ears with Velcro. 

Megan Ashley was Special Sparkle before Special Sparkle was cool.

And, obviously, so was I.  

Megan Ashley and Me
We're forlorn not because we were
going into surgery but because
we missed General Hospital


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    1. Thanks...although she had it all over me. She had yarn hair AND knew how to accessorize!