Sunday, June 5, 2011

Off the Usual

Last week, we had Memorial Day off.  It was a four day week that seemed to stretch on forever.  Tuesday was Monday and Wednesday was Tuesday and by the time Friday rolled around, my time-card was completely off and who knew what day it really was.  All I knew was that I wanted that unusually long four day week to end.   
It didn’t help that I was feeling pretty off myself.   I felt uneasy, unsure, and unconfident about everything; okay, even more than is usual for me.  At home, at work…I second-guessed and criticized everything I did.  Then I obsessed about it even more. 
It was just one of those weeks. 
It was an off week.
Tomorrow starts a new week.  It’s back to the usual five days.  Monday will be Monday and Tuesday will be Tuesday and my time-card should stay straight. 
I’m back on and not feeling so off anymore. 
I’m back to the usual. 

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  1. Ugh, I know that feeling. But I'm glad you're back!