Monday, June 20, 2011

Making History Stylish

I have, on occasion, been fortunate to see some pretty cool historical “stuff” during the course of my career – and the coolest stuff by far usually has to do with the Kennedys because I am, as I’ve already established, a bit of a Kennedy freak.  I’m very lucky to have friends who were kind enough to call me or give me a heads up whenever they’ve worked on interesting Kennedy records…they know I’ll usually come running over to squeal with delight.   
That’s what happened last spring when Trix called me over to check out the final existing logbook of PT-109, the motor torpedo boat that JFK commanded during World War II.  PT-109 sank after a collision with a Japanese destroyer.  The logbook is cool because, starting on April 26, 1943 each page is signed by Lieutenant, junior grade John F. Kennedy.  Even cooler – digital images of the pages are now available in the National Archives’ Archival Research Catalog so everyone can see them! 
But wait.  Its gets even cooler.  I was going to wait until August 2nd (check out the font of all knowledge to find out why that date is significant) to share this particular artifact with you but it seems appropriate to share it tonight.  While the National Archives holds the PT-109 logbook, the Archives of Denise is the proud custodian of….

Yeah.  I know - you’re totally jealous.   And I’m so totally stylin’. 

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