Monday, February 21, 2011

Tasty Pudding Award!

This Food Friday post is long overdue, mostly because my mom was visiting this weekend (we went to see "Jersey Boys" was good, but it was no "Wicked") so I didn’t get a chance to write anything but also because, well, there isn’t that much to say about rice pudding.  That’s right - the new food of last week was rice pudding or rizogalo as the Greeks call it. 
It's not even photogenic!
My pals Trix, Richmond, Lonestar, and I took advantage of the spring-like temps on Friday and went to one of our favorite lunch places.  I got my usual - steak and cheese, which is similar in spirit to a cheesesteak but not really authentic enough for me to call it an actual cheesesteak.  But it’ll do.  Especially since there’s not a Jersey Mike’s close to my office.  In addition to my steak and cheese, I ordered the rice pudding for dessert.  This is actually pretty significant – this is the first dessert ever for Food Friday!  So, let’s give rice pudding some love for that distinction alone!  Woo-hoo, go rice pudding!
It was pudding-y and rice-y.  And there was cinnamon on top.  I ate two spoonfuls and then sealed it up to "save for later."  It’s still sitting in my fridge.  I think rice pudding might also be the first thing on a Food Friday that I can categorically state, I will never eat again.  I’m sticking to my usual chocolate pudding from JELL-O.
As an added bonus, my mom and I went out to dinner with my friends/neighbors Semper Fi and Scruffy (formerly known as Scrapper) and I tried some cream of crab soup that was pretty delicious.  So Food Friday was 1 for 2…hey, I’m not gonna like everything I try!  But the important thing is that I keep putting food in my mouth and chewing!

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  1. ... a little whipped cream on top of the rice pudding would have made it more photogenic... and more tasty! :)