Sunday, February 13, 2011

South of the Border

You know Food Friday’s gonna be interesting when the first question one of the lunch bunch asked was about the restaurant’s zoning.  We were definitely not at your neighborhood Applebee’s. 
It was an exciting day because we had a new pal, The Fedora, in on the fun.  The Fedora is a dapper dresser and apparently a bit of a foodie…he seems to know every restaurant within twenty miles of our office, even the greasy spoons!  So on Friday, The Fedora, TopChef, Lugnut, and I ended up at La Fondita, a Mexican restaurant smack dab in the middle of a residential street…thus the question regarding zoning. 

Since I was busy taking Latin in high school, I couldn’t read the menu so I was thankful for the colorful pictures of each item.  I wanted to steer clear of the typical meat and chicken dishes so I chose chilaquiles verdes.  TopChef explained what they were but all I can really remember is that they were tortilla triangles served in a green sauce (mole?) with two poached eggs on top.  Does anyone else find it interesting that I keep eating bread and eggs?  Maybe next I’ll have a breaded egg. 
My first feat was to eat the eggs…I’ve never had an egg that wasn’t scrambled, hard boiled, or deviled.  (We’re not counting the quiche disaster.)  As I cut them, the yolk spilled out and I had a moment of internal ewwing.  But I sucked it up, put it in my mouth, and chewed.  Then I dove into the chilaquiles (which I have been practicing saying ever since!)  I really liked it but it was really, really spicy.  Thank goodness I had water…mine and Lugnut’s!  I kinda thought TopChef thought I was wimping out a bit because I didn’t eat a whole lot of it so I was glad when she tasted it and thought it was spicy too.  Overall, if the sauce were milder, I think I would definitely order it again. 
This lunch definitely proves that hole in the wall places serve really great food.  Now, I can’t wait to go the greasy spoon!


  1. Lugnut's brown sauce was a mole. Yours was a very spicy salsa verde : )

  2. Ahhh! So that's where the "verde" part of chilaquiles verdes was!