Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, just some quick updates –
I went to the cardiologist and, great news, my heart will not be exploding any time soon!  I got a clean bill of health and permission to start training in a couple of weeks for that 5K (Goal 5).
I have expanded the pool of online dating matches from just Catholics and Lutherans.  Because, really, I should give Methodists and Episcopalians a chance.  I am still, however, steering clear of the vegetarians. 
I also spent the extra six bucks to make my profile 100% complete.  And I’m still annoyed about it.
I’m still not a fan of heels but I did browse the shoe department at Nordstrom’s and considered buying a pair of high heel sandals.  And then I remembered I wouldn’t wear them anyway.
Now, a quick gripe –
Three weeks ago, I took my car, The Silver Bullet, in for service…specifically, to fix the squealing sound it made when I put it in reverse and to replace the driver’s side headlight that was burnt out.  They made the repairs (and charged me an arm and a leg!) but guess what?!  Now, the passenger side headlight is burnt out!  Why wouldn’t they have changed both at the same time?  I’m sure they were both put in around the same time and when you use one, you use the other, so it would seem sensible that when one burns out, the other one will burn out shortly thereafter.  Now, I have to make another trip to New Jersey to get my car fixed.  And please, don't ask why I take my car to New Jersey to get it fixed.  Rational people just don't understand.   


  1. I am far from rational so I'll ask... why do you take your car to New Jersey to get it fixed?!?

  2. When I was still in PA, I bought my car in NJ, from Burns Honda - "Home of the Nice Guys" and I always had my car serviced there. Last year, I had to take it in for emergency service down here and they totally tried to take me to the cleaners! So, I was like, wow, Burns Honda really IS the home of the nice guys and I can't trust anyone else with my car. So, that's why I drive all the way up to Jersey. And seeing this all in print makes me realize how ridiculous it all sounds!