Thursday, September 8, 2011

Open Ended Questions

The previous post was too depressing so I decided to switch gears.  To another depressing subject – my online dating life.  I haven’t said much about it have I?  That’s ‘cause there wasn’t much to tell.  Mainly because I wasn’t doing anything about it.    
As you know, a couple of weeks ago the San Diego Psychic informed me that there was a marriage and a baby in my future by the age of 35.  I just assumed it was mine but who knows, maybe it’s yours.  Basically, if that prediction is to come true, I need to get in that saddle like ASAP.  Besides, I kept getting emails from Eharmony informing me that Mr. Right was waiting for me.  And if that incentive didn’t spur me on, well, the damn auto-renew subscription sure did.
A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to send one “ice-breaker” a night.  Tom, Tom, and Ryan were the lucky recipients (I got tired after three).  Yes, I deliberately went after the Toms.  Look, I don’t have a lot of time and the psychic said, Mark, Steve, or Tom would come into my life.  So what if I help the psychic prediction out a little bit?  It’s either really creepy or it’ll make a great story to tell our grandkids one day. 
Back to the Toms and Ryan.  Ryan never wrote back.  The second Tom petered out after the “Can’t Stands, Must Haves” stage.  But the first Tom and I made it to Open Ended Questions!  I know, I know – book the reception hall already!
In Eharmony-land, you get to know your match by answering a series of questions.  The first set of questions have multiple choice answers…like, what’s your ideal date?  A) a quiet dinner; B) rappelling down a cliff; C) bowling; D) driving to the landfill.  I think you know which one I chose.  Once you make it through those questions, you go on to Open Ended Questions.  You and your match exchange three questions and then wait with bated breath until you get a response.  One of the questions that I received was what were the three best traits that I have to offer a partner?  I said loyalty, laughter, and a love of alliteration. 
The Open Ended Questions went well and now we’re on to the email stage.  Don’t worry, I’m using protection – it’s Eharmony email, not my personal email.  I don’t want to give it away too soon, if you know what I mean.
He seems like he’s a really nice guy!  But there’s always a glitch.  I was looking at his profile again tonight and this tidbit caught my eye – he’s heading to India in the summer of 2012 until 2014 or 2015 for work.  India!  Go figure! 
I think I may need to find a Mark or Steve. 

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