Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who Let the Kittens In?

Last Sunday, my family doubled in size when I got two kittens.  Go ahead – add it up.  One cat plus two new kittens.  That’s three feline friends.  You can make all the catty comments that you want but I assure you that I’m not a crazy cat lady.  Even hipsters said so and I trust hipsters.
I won’t tell you the whole story because it’s sad and depressing but basically my friend Richmond lives in an apartment complex that can only be described as Kitten Hell.  She rescued two kittens from almost certain death and nursed them through their first few weeks.  Since she already has two pets – the limit at her complex – she had to find a home for them but apparently none of the cat rescues could take them. 
Cue Dionne Warwick and “That’s What Friends are For.”
Despite my better judgment, I went to visit them.  Really, how can you not fall in love with kittens?  I mean they’re so little and cuddly and adorable and if it weren’t for Richmond they would’ve been…well, let’s not talk about that!
Honestly, I have no idea how it happened but the next thing I knew I said I’d take both of them.  You really can’t separate two little, cuddly, adorable kittens!  So now they’re mine.
The little orange kitten is Decca.  I know it’s a strange name but she’s named after Jessica “Decca” Mitford because I’ve always loved her nickname.  I don’t think my Decca has any communist leanings though.  She’s squirmy, doesn't like to be held, and is pretty fearless. 

The black kitten – the only boy in our house – is Teddy, Bless His Heart.  Unlike Decca, he loves to curl up in my lap.  He’s a little slow but he’s breaking out of his shell.  Now if I can just get him to stop running into the wall.     

The transition hasn’t been easy.  Phoebe isn’t too keen on the new additions to our family.  There’s hissing and occasional stare downs.  But, you know, it wasn’t easy when the Sister Wives got a new wife.  They eventually adjusted and I’m sure we will too.

In the meantime, we’ll just relax on the couch and wait for her to come around. 

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