Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summing It All Up

Today ends a long week of training classes.  I wasn’t in training though.  Nope, I was one of the trainers.  It’s the first time I’ve been on that side of the equation.  There I was, standing up in front of the class teaching my sessions, only realizing way too late that there was a laser pointer that I could’ve used!  Laser pointers are fun!  I’m totally working it into my spiel for the next time.
I will admit that there was a minor anxiety attack on the first morning but, in the end, I got it done.  I’ll leave it up to the voters trainees to decide how I did.  But there was one tiny little thing.
They didn’t laugh at my jokes.  I had two jokes and they didn’t laugh.  Maybe it was my delivery – I still talk a little too fast when I get excited (I’m really trying to practice those pauses!)  But apparently training class isn’t the place to practice your stand-up comedy routine. 
Lucky for me, I write a blog.  And you read it.  Captive audience.  So, here’s one of my jokes.
I taught the sessions on “Numbers,” which is basically all the different types of numbers that you can enter into the system.  At the end of it, I said – so, that basically sums up “Numbers”!
Come on!  Well, I thought it was funny!
Eating dinner tonight, I realized that the trainees were probably thinking that I was that corny trainer whom we’ve all had and rolled our eyes at. 
And I laughed.  Because, yeah, I totally am.  With or without a laser pointer. 
Exciting news!  Food Friday returns next week.  It’s gonna be a blast from the past!

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  1. I was just catching up on some of your recent posts and saw this one about training. I like your joke :)

    When I used to be one of the trainers, they never laughed at my jokes (and one time someone actually fell asleep while I was training)! I used to make the trainees play training-related games, and I would wax poetic about my favorite icon (reset workspace). They thought I was crazy :) Eventually I started bringing muffins and the bribery would get a few of them to crack a smile.