Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beach Bum

One of these people was having a grand time at the seashore.
That's my Aunt Anne napping; me showing some
fancy hip-action; and my brother standing very straight.
Sea Isle City, 1983
I just got back from the beach.  By “just,” I mean yesterday afternoon but I was too tired to write last night. 
I kinda fell into a great deal on a beach house so two friends and I jumped at the chance to bum around at the beach for a few days.  I’m actually not a huge fan of the actual beach…the sun is very hot, my skin is prone to burning, and there’s those bathing suits you have to wear.  But beach towns – I love beach towns.  There’s something about beach towns that are relaxing and chill.  Kinda makes you wish you never have to leave to go back to, you know, real life.

Channeling my inner surfer-chick, this vacation was pretty gnarly.  The weather was awesome, the water was phenomenal, and the sun wasn’t too brutal on my skin (50 SPF all the way, baby!)  Best of all, I got to enjoy it all with some of my friends…from eating Oreos for breakfast to critiquing the decidedly 1970s wall art to successfully grilling for the first time (with three Masters degrees and an Iphone, anything is possible!), we had a great time.
But it’s back to reality…well, not for a few more days yet.  Thank goodness for three day weekends!

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  1. Sorry you missed Taylor. Hope you had some caramel popcorn and some "beach fries" and maybe some Grotto, too.