Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Got Game!

For a good time, call Denise.  Supposedly, that's the word on the street.  And the word on the street is never wrong.    

I like having fun and making people laugh.  And I really like making games to play; well, really making people play games.  Not all games, mind you.  I’m not into games that involve math, boards, pressure, stealing gifts, pinning tails on live donkeys, or asking Red Rover for permission to come over.  My games of choice involve trivia and random factoids that you only learn when you buy those fun fact-of-the-day calendars.   
I’m currently organizing a couple of games for some upcoming parties.  One email requesting my assistance went like this – verbatim – “Hi Denise, blah, blah, blah, blah, do something fun.  Blah, blah, blah.  Nothing childish.”  Clearly, the live-action version of Candy Land that I planned would not do.  No worries!  The new game will be completely fun and completely mature in a sensible, respectable adult way filled with lots of teachable moments.  I not only know how to show people a good time but I teach them while I’m at it! 

But I'm really, really excited about an awesome game that I've been developing that I think will take the world by storm!  In fact, if I knew how to make an app, I could probably make an app, charge 99 cents and make at least $1,000!  But alas, I don’t know how to make apps and I don’t know any app designers so I’m out of luck.  But I don’t want the world to miss out on this game so I’m giving up the chance to become an app millionaire and telling you about this game FOR FREE! 
I got the idea when I went to an Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Extravaganza and I’ve been refining it ever since.  Here are the rules – you get three names of movie characters and you have to guess the movie!  You get so many points if you guess it on the first (hardest) name, fewer points if you guess it on the second (kinda hard) name, and even fewer points if you guess it on the last (and easiest) name.  Then each round gets increasingly harder as the movies become more obscure.  I haven’t figured out the point system yet because it involves math and math makes my head hurt.

But we can still play!  Okay here goes (answers at the end of the post) -  

1.        Nick Bradshaw
2.       Tom Kazansky
3.        Pete Mitchell

Anyone?  Anyone at all?  Would it help if I changed it to –

1.       Goose
2.       Iceman
3.       Maverick

Oh geez.  I totally gave it away!
Here's another one - 
1.       Brandon Walsh
2.       Stef Steinbrenner
3.       Data Wang

Here’s a free clue – when I saw Data in one of the Indiana Jones movies, I came up with this game! 
Okay, here’s one that I had to really think about!

1.       Quirinus Quirrell
2.       Minerva McGonagall
3.       Ron Weasley

I have to admit – I’m a Harry Potter virgin so I had to get some help from IMDB!
So – what do you think?  Can you see you and your friends having hours and hours of fun with this game?  Because I sure can! 

Hmm, I wonder if anyone ever called Milton Bradley for a good time.    

1 – Top Gun
2 – The Goonies
3 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  

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